Course Overview

Class Description:

This free introductory self-paced class provides a basic overview of Houdini. Students will become comfortable with the user interface and its powerful non-destructive node-based workflow. The class will go over some commonly used tools to create basic 3D animation and FX. Topics include an overview, nodes, and networks, geometry, viewing the scene, working with objects and components, setting up a basic render with lights and cameras, and much more. 

Learning Outcomes:

Students will complete this class being familiarized and comfortable with navigating the Houdini user interface. They will also have a basic understanding of setting up a scene and creating a render and have the necessary skills to take their learning to the next level.

Course curriculum

    1. Files

    1. Session Outline

    2. 01 - Introduction

    3. 02 - Navigation and Interface

    4. 03 - OBJ and Geo Levls

    5. 04 - Tab Menu and Flags

    6. 05 - Nodes and Wires

    7. 06 - Parameters Expressions Keyframes

    8. 07 - Scene View Shading Modes Handles

    9. 08 - Aliens in Space

    10. 09 - Rendering and Lighting Aliens

    11. 10 - Crazy Plant

    12. 11 - Help

    13. Submit your work

About this course

  • Free
  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Free Quickstart

★ Overview ★ Navigating User Interface ★ Scene View ★ Tumble/Pan/Zoom ★ Shading Modes ★ Selecting Objects and Components ★ Basic Handles ★ Panes & Tabs ★ Tab Menu ★ Shelf Tools ★ Network Editor/Node Tree ★ Parameters ★ SOP/OBJ Level★ Flags ★ Setting Up a Scene ★ Cameras ★ Lights ★ Rendering ★ Visualizers ★ Organization ★ Setting Your Project ★ Help docs


Debra Isaac

Founder of Houdini.School

Debra Isaac is a visual artist, animator, and the founder of Houdini.School. She teaches at UCLA in the Design Media Arts Dept. and has over 10 years of experience teaching Houdini. She loves community building, hosts monthly Houdini Battles, and co-organizes The Los Angeles Houdini User group (LAHUG). She is passionate about scientific visualization, motion graphics, and emerging technologies. Her clients have included Intel, Mattel, and The UCLA Art|Sci Center.



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“This starter class is great. Really great look into the UI and it put me at ease about the process. ”

Timothy Bladel

“the quick-start course was great ! Thanks for that and now I'm ready for more !!”

Peter Hoffmann

See you in Class!