Live Teachers, Online Classes, Community Learning

Houdini.School is a growing community of artists & educators working to make Houdini more accessible to students worldwide. Whether you are just starting out as a beginner or an advanced user, Houdini.School aims to support students with a variety of interests and at all skill levels. Stay tuned for more classes, teachers, free community events, and customizable learning pathways. Join us today!


DROP-IN CLASSES - Live drop-in classes start at $45 and range from 90-120 minutes. Multi-Session Intensives are also offered.

INDUSTRY TOPICS - Film FX, Games, Motion Graphics, Character Animation, Scientific Visualization, Emerging Technologies, and more!

LIVE CLASSES - Learn Houdini online with live classes taught by industry professionals and experienced educators.


SELF PACED - Log into your learning portal to watch class recordings and access other learning materials that are curated for your class.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY - Share your work in your class gallery, participate in forums, and meet other Houdini artists.

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