Course Overview

Class Description:

In this recorded class students will get a solid understanding of the vellum solver. They will learn the ins and outs of the solver that simulates cloth, wires, and soft bodies. This study of the Vellum solver will be explored through the simulation of a sea anemone that the students will create themselves by learning how to use Houdini’s groom tools to procedurally model. Both hair and cloth will be covered throughout the class and implemented not only in the sea anemone and an abstract fish that interacts. The students will leave the class with an individual sea anemone and interacting fish that has simulations using various constraints, forces, and collision objects.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will leave the class with a solid understanding of the vellum solver and how to implement it in a practical context.

Course curriculum

    1. Files

    1. 1. Difference between Particle and Grain

    1. 1. Explanation

    2. 2. Setup

    3. 3. Vellum Solver: Settings Explained

    1. 1. Explanation

    2. 2. Cloth Vellum in Action

    3. 3. Visualizing the Grain Width

    4. 4. Q&A: Thickness of Cloth or Constraint?

    5. 5. Q&A: Is the Thickness Related to the Pscale of the Grain?

    1. 1. Explanation

    2. 2. Soft Body Vellum in Action

    3. 3. Tips to Fasten the Simulation

    4. 4. Q&A: Do you Normally Leave your Substeps at 1?

    1. 1. Setup

    2. 2. Two Ways to Paint Attributes

    3. 3. Set Up Hair

    4. 4. Visualizing the Hair

    5. 5. Writing the VEX Code

    6. 6. Adding Vellum Constraint

    7. 7. Finish Setup

    8. 8. Q&A: Purpose of the Vellum Pack Node

    9. 9. Q&A: How is Noise Mask Different from Traditional Masking?

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Course Teaser

Intro to Vellum

★ Introduction ★ Theory of Vellum ★ Using groom tools to procedurally model ★ Vellum Constraints ★ Forces and Vellum ★ Working with collision objects within Vellum ★ Simulation using Vellum Hair and Cloth


Beck Selmes

CG Artist

Hi! My name is Beck and I am a CG Lead who uses Houdini on a day-to-day basis. With a background in Lighting and CFX, I have a lot of experience using Houdini in production. After working at companies such as Animal Logic, Framestore, One of Us, Dneg, and Cinesite and recently joining The Mill, I have a broad range of experience I look forward to sharing. Not only have I worked using Houdini in film, but I have also taught beginners to use this amazing software and I look forward to sharing some of the things I have learned across my career.



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