Course Overview

Class Description:

This course will walk students through the process of creating a character in Houdini from concept to a full 3D model that can be rigged, animated, lit, and rendered. We will use a number of VDB and boolean operations to create semi-procedural character designs quickly in Houdini based on sketches that we will also create and iterate on in the program. 

Learning Outcomes:

Students will leave the class with a range of new techniques for designing and creating variations of original characters in Houdini and learning to use the program to quickly create new designs. 

Course curriculum

    1. Files

    1. 1. Introduction

    1. 2. Setting up HDAs and Radial Menu

    1. 1. Set Up

    2. 2. Advantages of Hotkeys

    1. 1. Draw Curve VS Stroke SOP

    1. 1. Sketching Concept Art

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Course Teaser

Character Design and Modeling

★ Introduction + installing HDAs ★ Character Designs and sketches ★ Procedural techniques for modeling characters ★ Blocking out the model ★ Painting attributes and preparing the model for shading and rigging


Christopher Rutledge

CG Artist / Filmmaker

Chris is a CG Artist / Filmmaker based in the USA who likes to make floppy characters. He has made a number of shorts and music videos that have screened at festivals, aired on Adult Swim, and received Vimeo Staff Picks. He has also worked as a freelancer in commercials. Since starting his career he has pivoted his software arsenal to be focused entirely around Houdini, for which he is a staunch advocate. You can find a number of tutorials on his YouTube and Gumroad pages, as well as linked on his useful free Houdini resources doc .



  1. Computer (Please see SideFx system requirements)
    2. A second monitor is recommended, but not necessary
  2. Houdini (Apprentice License is free)
  3. Exoside Quadremesher (optional)
  4. CR's Quick VDB Modeling HDAs (included in the course)


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“Got to do @tokyomegaplex 's Character Design in Houdini class today through @HoudiniSchool, and took the opportunity to make my favorite (and the derpiest) #pokemon I could think of. The class is fantastic - 10/10 most fun I've had in Houdini in a while. ”


See you in Class!