Course Overview

Class Description:

This recorded course gives students a solid understanding of how to create Magical FX in Houdini, utilizing the power of particles, fluids, procedural geometry manipulation, as well as lighting and rendering. This class will be going over different magical FX case studies both in a theoretical and practical hands-on style. Each class will be connected to a specific project and case study that we will be recreating and rendering out as a demo reel piece. This course is designed so anyone with good fundamentals of Houdini SOPs and DOPs knowledge will be able to easily follow and recreate the FX and achieve nice-looking renders that you can put into your demo reel. 

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the course by recreating different magical FX cases, students will have a solid understanding of how to create efficient builds of at least 3 types of magical FX(magical dust, disintegration, portals,). Students will learn secret techniques of how to easily utilize the power of SOPs, VOPs, POPs, volumes, fluids, and velocity fields to manipulate sources, force fields to achieve the desired look fast. Students will be able to easily build up on the learned knowledge after the course to create their own custom versions of different magical FX in Houdini. 

Course curriculum

    1. Files

    1. 1. Introduction

    1. 1. Initial Setup

    1. 1. Setting Attribute Noise

    2. 2. Setting the POP Net

    1. 1. Initial Setup

    2. 2. Getting Rid of Stepping

    3. 3. Setting Up POP Network

    4. 4. Finishing Up

    1. 1. Using Ramp from Attribute

    2. 2. Using VOPs to Adjust Pscale

    3. 3. Setting the Render Scene

    4. 4. Applying Principled Shader

    5. 5. Finishing Up

About this course

  • $115.00
  • 94 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Course Teaser

Session 1

Magical FX Theory and Fundamentals

Students will learn the thinking process behind the creation of magical FX. Breakdowns of different magical FX in the movies/tv series, commercials, etc., will be provided. In this first class, we will create a magical dust/energy particles stream FX as well as learn how to create a nice rendering of the effect.

Session 2

Magical FX Case Study Disintegration/Decloaking FX

Students will get the breakdown of how disintegration FX works in general and how to approach the effect creation. We will build a very flexible, yet easy-to-create object/character to dust particle disintegration system with the help of VOPs and POPs, advanced sourcing methods, different forces settings, and post-sim particle manipulation for a nice render.

Session 3

Magical Portals FX

Students will learn how to efficiently combine fluids, pyro simulations, and particles in order to create interesting portal effects similar to what you see in films.


Alasgar Hasanov

Senior Houdini FX Artist

Alasgar Hasanov is a Senior Houdini FX artist, FX Lead and Houdini FX mentor from Toronto. With over 7 years of experience in the CG/VFX industry Alasgar has a strong focus on complex dynamics simulations for large and small-scale water FX, pyro FX, magical/abstract particles FX, rigid and soft body dynamics as well as FX look development, shading, and rendering. Over the course of his career, Alasgar worked in different studios (Tendril, SOHO VFX, Mr.X) helping to create high-end VFX for Movies, TV shows, Commercials, and Games. He has worked on a wide variety of exciting projects such as X-Men Dark Phoenix, IT: Chapter 2, Bad Boys 3, Game of Thrones S8, American Gods, and some Netflix and Marvel titles to be announced.



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“Finally got around to finishing up this little thing. This was based off of my friend @hialycat #alycatober week 1 prompt feathers! I also took this time to practice some fun new techniques I picked up at @HoudiniSchool. ”

Alex Liou

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