Course Overview

Class Description:

This recorded course will walk you through generating point normal data by way of advection to produce interesting flowing movement fx for use in design work. Multiple setups will be explored to offer different approaches in producing this effect as well as harnessing the power of Redshift3D instancing.

Learning Outcomes:

Students should leave with a better understanding of advection techniques, generating and extracting point attribute data, influencing flow directions, volume and particle simulating, as well as Redshift3D proxy export and instancing.

Course curriculum

    1. Files

    1. 1. Introduction

    1. 1. Geometry Instance

    2. 2. Instance Material

    3. 3. Q&A: Shop vs MAT

    4. 4. Instance Material

    5. 5. Redshift Proxy

    1. 1. Source Points

    1. 1. Volume Based Advection

    2. 2. Volume Source

    3. 3. Volume Source Noise

    4. 4. Volume Simulation

    1. 1. Setup Data

    2. 2. Visualize Data

    3. 3. Extract Data

    4. 4. Velocity to Point Norma

    5. 5. Merge and Blend Normals

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 51 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

Course Teaser

Session 1


In this session, we’ll go over some advection concepts, and build a flat surface based setup.
  1. Introduction
  2. Advection concepts
  3. Surface advection meaning
  4. Simulating volumes to generate velocity fields
  5. VOP noise advection alternative
  6. Extracting volume data onto particles
  7. Manipulating and merging point attribute data
  8. Prepping instancing attributes
  9. Exporting and loading Redshift Proxy files
  10. Lighting and rendering

Session 2

Surface Advection

In this session, we’ll take what we learned in session 1 and modify it to work with more complicated surfaces.
  1. Recap day 1
  2. Build curvature map to drive attributes
  3. Using particles to generate custom surface velocity flows
  4. Visualizing and assessing volume data
  5. Extracting volume data onto particles
  6. Lighting and rendering


David Torno

Visual Effects Professional

David Torno is a self-taught visual effects professional with a passion for the technical and educational side of VFX. Since beginning his career in 2000, he has worked on films, commercials, music videos, and large-scale multimedia projects. In 2008 he started sharing his wealth of knowledge with other creatives through video tutorials, project templates, and utility scripts. In recent years David has focused mostly on 3D volumetric and particle animation. Through the consolidation of his life's work under the Fendra Fx name, David continues to create helpful tools, and informative training videos for the creative community.



  1. To replicate the same project build resolution and render details
    1. Redshift3D (version 3.0.37 or newer)
    2. Minimum 32GB RAM (for volume simulation)
    3. Roughly 45GB+ of storage space for volume cache data
  2. Computer (Please see SideFx system requirements)
    2. The second monitor is recommended to follow along
    3. Houdini v.18.5


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“Don’t miss out! These lessons are so incredibly deep and if you sign up for a live class, you get to participate and ask questions.”

Lukasz Pason

“Thanks again for sharing so much amazing info to us all, definitely will watch through the videos bit by bit before asking any questions you already have answered : )”

Theodore Daley

“Picked this course up too!! Advection is my favorite. @David Torno | Educator I am going through the velocity course and I really enjoy your method of teaching. I am finding your lessons easy to follow and I like how you put the other students questions in from the original class.”

Lisa Clyne

See you in Class!